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The airline industry is bursting to get back to business and signs that a recovery is now underway is increasing, after what has probably been the biggest challenge the airline industry has faced since airlines began. 

Likewise, tourism is also eager to get going again with Governments from all over the world working hard to find safe and effective solutions that will allow people to travel. The economic benefit from this is a huge incentive to solve these issues. Momentum is fast gathering.

This week, Spain announced that it will allow visitors from the UK, welcome news for holidaymakers and the airline industry alike. Further, the cost of flights and holidays is also dropping, whilst Downing Street is actively considering 'travel corridors' for 10 countries - with no 14-day quarantine upon returning home.

Before the Coronavirus problem halted air travel across the world, AirPods were already making a name for themselves for airport innovation and offering something really quite special for weary airline travelers. Imagine, you’ve just landed after 8 hours or more in the air, and you have another 8 hours to wait for the next flight. Airpods are the perfect solution: packed with all the tech-gadgets you need; heating (or Aircon), TV, Charging Points, Internet and more, but most importantly, it’s a secure, private place to put your feet up and close your eyes - in style. Travelers can rent them by the hour and simply enjoy.

The team behind leading AirPods makers Airpod Sales & Management GmbH have just announced the signing of an agreement with a country soon to be announced, which will place 2000 of their pods. Music to our investor’s ears!!

With AirPods already located in airports in Rome, Ljubljana and Milan, negotiations are also well underway to place ‘Wellness’ pods in the US market. 500 further pods are planned for release over the coming few months.

Don’t hang around though. Investors in the AirPods can earn 16 % ROI on their money and the company offers a 2-year buyback option. You own a fully ‘sellable’, transferable asset and lifting the restrictions on air-travel will further fuel demand for AirPods in new airports and new countries.

Now is the ideal time to think about investing in AirPods. Find out more here

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