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TVR, one of the iconic car brands of the 90’s, with a 70-year heritage, recently extended an invitation to qualified investors, to participate in a £25m Bond series on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Having finally received the welcome news that its designated 200,000 sq. ft production facility in the Ebbw Vale, Wales can finally begin development, TVR can now look forward to fulfilling the 600 orders for which customers have already paid deposits (£40M in pre-orders). First year’s production is completely sold out.

Funds raised via the Bond Issue will be used for working capital and tooling facilities as production of the new 500bhp, 200mph supercar is ramped up.

Evolution of this new TVR is being led by automotive and aerodynamicist genius Gordon Murray, Bernie Ecclestone’s chief engineer for almost two decades. It is his iSteam technology that is driving low energy processes, a simplified assembly concept and low cost, light-weight, readily available materials.

Further evidence of the reality of this reboot came when the Welsh Government themselves took a 3% stake in the company demonstrating confidence in the project is high.

The investor coupon offered is 8.25% per annum (paid quarterly). Further detailed investment information (requires verification first), can be found below:

Click here to find out more about the TVR Bond issue, qualification guidelines & brochure download

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