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Invest in the come back of TVR - iconic British sports car brand

Invest in the TVR come back - 70 year old iconic British sports car brand

TVR, the iconic 70 year old British luxury sports car brand, is making a come back, with new leadership, a new vision and a long-term, global business and production plan.

8.25% per annum coupon - paid quarterly Matures 30th April 2025 8% of funds raised lodged in escrow Available to institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated high net worth individuals or companies
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Could investing in leased cars be a viable alternative to ISA’s?

As ISA’s lose their appeal and investors look for alternative investments, where are people looking to invest? Ever thought about investing in leased cars?

A survey of UK personal investors has highlighted a demand for ‘alternative investments’ offering returns that outperform traditional investments such as ISA’s as low interest rates and 3% inflation continues to bite.

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TVR comes back from the dead with a bonkers new Griffith

Would you expect any less from an automaker known for building some of the scariest cars on the road?

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Invest in vehicles to lease for the sub-prime market

Invest in vehicles to lease

This innovative investment scheme offers credit-poor consumers the opportunity to purchase a used car, and investors the opportunity to realise steady returns.

Low entry level - invest from just 10,000 GBP  Partnership with a business licensed by the FCA Returns offered of 8-12% and paid quarterly Available for retail investors (non-HNWI or sophisticated). No verification required  
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