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"The sub-prime market continues to grow, fueling new areas of growth, possibilities and innovative investment products."

Investment Overview

The sub-prime market continues to grow. For certain demographics, car finance is increasingly hard to find and it is this demand that has created an opportunity to launch an affordable motor-vehicle leasing product, tailored exactly to this market.  

The finance arm of this operation was set up predominantly as a broker for car financing, concentrating on offering prime and subprime finance to customers who needed a car.

Due to high demand from the sub-prime market, the company quickly recognised the huge potential in customers who find it harder to obtain vehicle finance.

As well as being a certified broker, operating with a fully operational lending licence, the finance arm of the business is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What is driving demand?

The reason this market has risen so fast and continues to rise is due to the high amount of bad debt caused by recent recessions and the current market climate. National debt continues to rise and so does car production, therefore more used cars are flooding the market. 

Statistics released by The Money Charity show:

  • There are 3001 CCJ’s issued every day
  • 2465 debt problems registered every day with the Citizens’ Advice Bureau
  • 12 properties repossessed every day
  • NOT lending to individuals in the UK increased by £137 million a day
  • 53 mortgage repossession claims and 32 mortgage repossession orders are made every day.

Investment Offering

  • Low entry level - invest from just 10,000 GBP 
  • Partnership with a business licensed by the FCA
  • Returns offered of 8-12% and paid quarterly


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