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“Our vision is to deliver industry-leading healthcare solutions that demonstrate measurable excellence and value that make us indispensable to our customers.”

Cannabis legalization is spreading its roots…globally

Last year, Thailand became the first nation in Southeast Asia to legalize medical cannabis. In 2013, Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize recreational cannabis. In 2018, Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana and less than two decades ago, marijuana was illegal in all 50 U.S. states. Thirty-three now support broad legislation that allows the use of marijuana in some form.

Portugal is emerging as a major player in this market and looking to become a leading supplier across European markets. Growing in Portugal offers numerous advantages including lower production costs, a perfect climate and growing conditions.

Tilray, EXMceuticals, Terra Verde, RPK Biopharma, Sabores Purpura, and VF 1883 Pharmaceuticals are just some of the companies who have secured authorization for the cultivation, import, and export of cannabis. Products for medicinal purposes require additional authorization, which Tilray has acquired.

Symtomax is another that has acquired the necessary medicinal authorization (as well as the license for cultivation, import and export).

If other markets around the world are anything to go by (and they usually are), the European market is set to be as big, if not bigger.

Europe’s population is double the size of the US and Canada combined. This suggests the potential for a considerably larger cannabis market. It is estimated that all European countries combined will become the world’s largest regulated medical cannabis market over the next five years alone, worth something just shy of $40 Billion. By the same time, the global market is projected to be worth more than $100 Billion. The numbers that go beyond this are mind-boggling in the extreme!

About this investment and the company behind it

This business was incorporated in 2017 with a focus on large-scale supply of medical grade cannabis oil for supply to Pharmaceutical entitites, National Health Services and cannabis production companies throughout the EU. 

With approval for import / export and cultivation already in place (from INFARMED - Portugal's National Health Service), this company is seeking funds to fully realise their cultivation operation and maximise the potential of the site, currently the largest cannabis cultivation site within the EU.

This investment is available to institutional investors, professional investors, sophisticated high net worth individuals or companies. Please continue to the Investment Details page to verify yourself.


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