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The sleeping pod market is growing every year and is projected to hit $600M by 2023

How AirPod ownership works

  • You buy an AIRPOD from Airpod Sales & Management GmbH which is then placed into one of the partner airports.
  • You will receive documentation proving you own the AIRPOD with unique serial numbers provided. 
  • You enter into a management agreement with Airpod Sales & Management GmbH who manage the daily usage of your AIRPOD.
  • 16 % Return On Investment (ROI)
  • 2 year buyback option
  • Fully sellable and transferable asset*

*Airpod Sales & Management GmbH will assist on a best effort basis to sell your AIRPOD on the market if you request to do so at the end of your term.

The exit strategy

  • You are free to sell your AIRPOD on the secondary market at the end of the term 
  • You can also sell it privately 
  • The airport where it is place may also offer to buy your AIRPOD 
  • We can help you to sell it (on best-effort basis) if you choose
  • AIRPOD Buyback Agreement in place   

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