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“We have developed the World’s First Smart Napping Pod providing privacy and comfort for today’s global traveller.”

How did airport AirPods come about?

Have you ever been stuck at the airport, waiting for your next flight with nothing to do and nowhere to hideaway? Over 400 million passengers in air transit per year are facing the same problems - lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats, and no place to relax. These problems are most obvious at the airports, but they also occur at many other places - train and bus stations, hospitals, fairs and venues, offices, business centers, shopping centers, universities, hotels, and a million other places too.

AIRPOD Technologies were born when CEO Grega Mrgole looked around a sparse Frankfurt departure lounge looking for a quiet and comfortable place to work from while on leg 5 of a long and grueling business trip. Fortunately he could not see anywhere and that made him think that the modern day traveler needs were changing and Airports were not meeting those needs secondly not evolving to suit those needs. Out of this AIRPOD Technology was born.

About this investment

You buy an AIRPOD from and this company will place it into one of many partner airports. You will receive documentation proving you own it.  

  • 16 % Return On Investment (ROI) 
  • 2 year buyback option 
  • Fully sellable and transferable asset


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